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Re-registration Appointment

The birth re-registration must relate to a child born in the Sutton registration district. 

Re-registrations are for parents who were not married at the time of the baby's birth or where the natural father’s details were not included in the original birth record.

There are two types of re-registration:

  • If the natural parents are unmarried and would like the natural father’s details added to the birth record (form GRO185).
  • If the natural parents have married (see below) each other since the birth (form LA1).

Please Note

Please visit our website for full details before making an appointment as some re-registrations must be sent direct to the General Register Office (GRO), for example where a marriage was abroad.

Once you have read the website guidance and have fully completed the appropriate form for each child (or received confirmation from us that we have approval from GRO to carry out the re-registration) please continue.

Data Security - Sutton Council Registration Service is committed to ensuring your information is protected.  We only collect your data where we have a legal obligation; as a public task or with your express consent. Please read our Privacy Notice for full details.


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